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some praise, and yes, we’re blushing!

Interior Design - Luxury Closet

Interior Design – Luxury Closet

Interior Design - Baby's Room

Interior Design – Baby’s Room

Interior Design – Girl’s Room

Interior Design – Girl’s Room

Interior Design – Entry Console

Interior Design – Entry Console

Kathy is absolutely wonderful!

I wholeheartedly recommend this brilliant designer. I hired Kathy to spruce up our main living and dining spaces as well as our wrap-around porch as we are getting married at our house later this year and wanted that “wow” factor when people stepped foot into our home. Kathy has impeccable taste and is extremely reliable. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and was instrumental in understanding the vibe we were going for and then taking it to a completely higher level! It was such an effortless process with zero stress attached.

Kathy was very communicative, keeps appointments, and is always on time, which I appreciated greatly. One of her many strengths is her sense of color and her ability to create a beautiful palette. She uses the right amount of pattern, color, and accents to create a palette that “pops” and flows well. I get compliments all the time on the spaces she designed for us.

10/10 recommend to anyone looking for an interior designer who brings creativity but designs spaces that fit YOU and your style. I could go on and on, but we will definitely be back as clients of home by red door! What Kathy has created in the many services she offers is truly something special.

-Caitlin S.

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My master walk-in closet got a facelift thanks to Kathy!

It’s been 4 months since moving into our new house, and organizing that closet was a task I kept putting off. Kathy was able to do it all in a day. There’s no better feeling than being able to walk into your closet without having clothes in mounds covering the floor and having everything organized by color and category. I wished I had watched her fold clothes because her technique is amazing and I’m not sure I can fully replicate it.

Kathy also spent time searching online for storage solutions and being able to utilize her trade discount to purchase some of the items was so nice. I really appreciated her friendly communication and professionalism. I highly recommend working with Kathy if you’re looking to get your space organized, and she also offers interior design services — she has a great eye for home decor and aesthetics!

-Connie C.
Interior Design - Closet

Interior Design – Closet

Interior Design - Master Bath

Interior Design – Master Bath

Interior Design - Closet

Interior Design – Closet

Interior Design - Pantry

Interior Design – Pantry

You know that feeling of dread when you must move for a renovation?

I know how many boxes I’ve packed for past moves and not reopened for months…Had they magically disappeared, I’d have been just fine.  This was my situation when I learned about home by red door.  I called Kathy looking for some magic.  She delivered organization which is even better.

Kathy sorted through all of it with focused kindness and discretion.  Did she notice that I have far too many black blouses & dresses?  Sure, but she calmly sorted them out creating my pack, store and remove (sell or donate) options.  And those indispensable newspaper articles from 1998 that were in archival boxes in my offices?  Sorted into keep, recycling and shred.  We laughed about some things realizing which were truly important and which could move on.

What did I learn? I learned that it’s not all or nothing, I learned how to fold a fitted sheet (interesting, but unlikely to ever happen again). I realized that I didn’t have to completely Marie Kondo everything to make a big difference and that partnering on it with Kathy made it achievable.  Mimosas were not required, but we’ll be toasting the renovation completion in a few months without using any magic at all to make unwanted stuff disappear.

-Lori K.

Kathy has worked with me on both my bedroom closet and kitchen pantry organization.

Through both experiences she was so pragmatic, thoughtful, empathetic and patient. And wow!! She has an eye for designing the most effective use of space. Loved working with her and can’t wait for our next project. Loving simplifying my life and creating amazing spaces with her. Call her now. It will be the best thing you’ve done for yourself.

-Carol D.

Interior Design – Dining Room Design

Interior Design – Dining Room Design

Interior Design - Guest Bedroom

Interior Design – Guest Bedroom

Interior Design – Sewing Room Design

Interior Design – Sewing Room Design

Interior Design - Corporate Office

Interior Design – Corporate Office

I had the best time working with Kathy!! She’s amazing!!

Kathy was amazing working with our daughter too in organizing all her clothes and closet. Hands down she’s the best!!!

-Jaime W.

Working with Kathy at home by red door was a Godsend.

We were preparing to list our home to sell, when we enlisted her help to organize our kitchen and prepare it for staging. Our kitchen is small, and it was always cluttered and as the heart of the home, it was frustrating at times trying to cook and bake for my family. She came in with a plan and a vision, and was able to maximize the kitchen space to its fullest potential. She was a delight to work with, my only regret was that I didn’t reach out to her SOONER!

-Kalyn B.

Home Organizing - Pantry

Home Organizing – Pantry

Home Organizing - Entry Cabinet Design

Home Organizing – Entry Cabinet Design

Interior Designer - Lake House

Interior Designer – Lake House

Home Organizer - Closet

Home Organizer – Closet

We can’t wait to have her back!

Kathy has been helpful in recommending next steps and ideas for our office space which will help us maintain a more organized system for filing and getting rid of paper or unused items in this area of the house.

-Carolyn J.

We sought out Kathy’s services with home by red door after realizing we needed someone with a larger vision to help us in new home.

We loved the home but had difficulty making it ours.  Kathy helped us, in several ways.  She had a bigger vision and thought outside the box which helped us see possibilities.  She sought out our likes and dislikes, which my husband and I differed on after forty-five years of marriage.  Who knew? We liked that she listened, that she sought out possibilities for our treasured pieces, and she asked and asked questions. She was so easy to work with and had such a good attitude. She offered help with repairs, as we are new to the area.  She was mindful of our budget.  She guided us when we had absolutely no clue.  I cannot speak highly enough of her services, which helped us in this new transition of our lives.  In the words, of my husband, “She’s great, hire her.”

-Esther H.

Home Organizer - Pantry Move-In

Home Organizer – Pantry Move-In

Home Organizer - Playroom Organized

Home Organizer – Playroom Organized

Home Organizer - Garage Sport Solution

Home Organizer – Garage Sport Solution

Home Organizer - Garage Shelving

Home Organizer – Garage Shelving

Kathy at home by red door is a miracle worker!

After moving into our new home, we neglected to unpack the kids’ toys in the playroom, and it was a proper mess. There were puzzles out of place, books, stuffed animals, games, dolls, and play kitchen food all mixed up in a HUGE pile. I’d been putting it off for months because I knew it would take me days to go through everything. When Kathy arrived, we did a quick walk-through of our current storage solutions and how we plan to use the room. She’s a fabulous interior designer as well, so she was even able to make recommendations on how to re-position some of our current furniture to better utilize the space! After a few hours, I was able to see the floor in our guest room again and was absolutely shocked by how great the playroom looked. Since Kathy came, our kids are actually excited to spend time in their playroom, and the best part is that we have a system in place that is easy for us and our childcare helpers to maintain. I can’t recommend Kathy enough and hope to work with her again on an interior design project. 

-Krista A.

Thank you, Kathy, for all your help in our new home.

I didn’t know what I was looking for, but you were it!  You gave me hope that all was workable, and we could have a more open space.  You listened and questioned and suggested in a very easy way.  It was so helpful.  Our house looks like our home now, and that is such a good feeling.  Thank you again, for your insight and fresh eyes, and for sharing your gift. 

-R. Hughes

Interior Design - Small Living Room

Interior Design – Small Living Room

Interior Design - Laundry Room

Interior Design – Laundry Room

Interior Design - Media Room

Interior Design – Media Room

Interior Design - Large Pantry

Interior Design – Large Pantry

Kathy, with home by red door, was so helpful to us during our recent move to a new home.

Before we moved, she helped me to purge and pack many areas of our home that had become overly cluttered. This really helped to streamline the packing process. Once we were in our new home, Kathy was so helpful unpacking and organizing our kitchen, pantry, and closets, getting us off to a great start in our new home! Kathy is professional, friendly, and efficient, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help organizing!!

-Jenny S.

Kathy, at home by red door, has been an absolute life saver for our family!

We have small kiddos, and both my husband and I work full-time, so any extra time always seemed limited.  Kathy came in and made it look so simple; she organized our closet, pantry, garage, office and frankly, I could not imagine going back.  Not only is it aesthetically stunning, but she also created systems that have made our lives exponentially simpler.   If that wasn’t enough, she is a beautiful soul, with the patience of a saint! We’re so happy to have found her. If you’re looking for an exhale from the clutter Kathy is the best!

-J. Graham

Living Room Design

Living Room Design

 Pantry Cookbooks Organized

Pantry Cookbooks Organized

Teen Room Design

Teen Room Design

Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry

Oh, my gosh, we loved having Kathy!

We can’t say thank you enough! She not only helped us jump start our next adventure, but our closet is amazing!

-Natasha M.

Kathy has an excellent eye for organizing and arranging your belongings in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

She organized and decorated my daughter’s bedrooms and playroom. She set up a system for them that makes ‘clean up’ time a breeze. In addition, their bedrooms look like something pulled directly off Pinterest because of her amazing decorating skill. I loved her so much that I also asked her to organize my commercial business space as well. I have referred her to friends and will continue to use her in the future. 

-Keely E.

Whiskey Room Design

Whiskey Room Design

Playroom Organized 2

Playroom Organized 2

Breakfast Room Design

Breakfast Room Design

Wallpaper Design

Wallpaper Design

After living in our house for over 40 years, we naturally had collected items we no longer were using.

>We also had spaces that we were not able to access due to typical aging challenges. Kathy took the time to help us prioritize where to start, focusing first on what would be the most impactful for us on a daily basis. She recognized we had a threshold for how long we could be on our feet and when we were mentally drained, and took care to ensure we had breaks and clear stopping points.

We first tackled the kitchen and were able to donate and recycle several items which cleared up space for what we use most. We also went through old spices, unused recipe books and plastic containers to declutter and create usable space. We now have a more effective and visually appealing kitchen that we are excited about using!

–Ed R.

I came to Kathy because I needed help turning our college daughter’s old bedroom into a serene guest suite.

After a house move and renovations, the thought of decorating a room from scratch filled me with dread. Kathy knew just what to do. She was patient and started at the beginning to understand my style. From there she provided expert guidance and direction to keep the project on track. She was also very conscientious about the budget and always provided multiple options. She was thoughtful on where to spend and where to save. I appreciated how she also incorporated items that I already owned in order to save money and bought consignment/vintage to further stretch the budget.

Kathy truly took on the heavy lifting (literally!) to make the room come together. From the paint, to hardware, to furniture and accessories, it is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. I highly recommend Kathy for your interior decorating or home organizing project!

–Ty O.

Her expertise clearly showed throughout the process!

Kathy at home by red door transformed our living room into the most comfortable living space – better than we could have ever imagined. Having downsized, we were in a smaller space with unique challenges. We had never worked with a designer before, and she provided options that met our lifestyle and budget. The investment was well worth it, and we would highly recommend her to others. Her expertise clearly showed throughout the process and our experience working with her was effortless. Thank you, home by red door!

–Marissa V.

My garage was an unorganized disaster!

I had no idea how to make it work for my family. We wanted to use it as a multifunctional space but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I reached out to home by red door. Kathy came out and gave me her ideas and then a plan on how to make it work. I purged a lot of the items we no longer needed, and Kathy came back and went to work. She organized, cleaned and most importantly, made the garage functional! It’s so awesome! Everything has a home that makes sense, we have space for our gym, and we can now park both cars in the garage. I highly recommend Kathy and plan to use her again for other projects around my house.

–Celena S.

Kathy developed a vision that transformed our outdated room!

Kathy, with home by red door, designed and decorated two rooms for us. We moved into an older, unconventional home. Kathy designed our family room, choosing uplifting colors and developed a vision that transformed the outdated room. I especially liked that she was able to incorporate much of my current decor and bought new pieces to create a modern look. We gather in and enjoy our family room every day.

Kathy also created the design for our loft, which was previously an outdated sitting room. She created an office and retreat with a sleeping area that I enjoy all the time. Kathy did everything from the design, picking out the paint, ordering all the furnishings and placing every piece in the space. She also brought in pieces from my childhood to make the loft extra special for me.

–Metha V.

I have always thought of myself to be organized but Kathy took me to another level.

She helped me get rid of excesses. I tend to save things because I might need them in the future, but that day really never comes. Kathy helped me see how much easier life is when you let go of things. She was a great arbiter of my husband’s and my conversations about the things he saves because he might need them later. We both were easily able to get rid of things. I plan to hire Kathy at home by red door to help when we move into our new home as well.

–Vicki R.

My only regret is wishing we would have found Kathy and home by red door sooner!

Kathy was such a professional. Not only did she help us organize our over-packed garage, but she also gave us great ideas for storage that saved us lots of money. Our goals of parking our cars in the garage along with room for a workout area were met. She was punctual and efficient. She finished our garage with time to spare so she looked at our pantry to give us product recommendations and ideas.

–Shae B.