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Founder’s Story. 

I’m a native Texan who grew up pretending hurricanes destroyed my childhood friend’s rooms so I could redesign and organize them all in the span of an afternoon.  The moms couldn’t wait to have me come play! 

Fast-forward to a degree in Psychology on the path to be a psychotherapist, only to discover a love of business.  With an MBA in hand, I combined psychology and business and spent 28 years in corporate human resources and as an owner and CEO of human capital professional services business.   

After successfully selling the business, it was time to connect all my talents and return to my childhood roots – and that fabulous red door – so home by red door was launched. 

What I love most about what I do is the sanity and joy it brings others.  I have a passion and a belief that everyone should be happy in their homes – whether by a newly decorated bedroom, or an organized closet!   

And can we get real? Beauty isn’t an Insta-ready pantry; there’s a balance between perfection and a hurricane just hit.  As a working mom, I get it.  It’s ok to back away from the label maker.


Why red door?

My childhood home had a red door. Behind that red door I experienced tranquility, love, fun and family.  Great experiences were had, and memories made. Organizing and decorating were my creative outlets, and my talents were nurtured and encouraged.   

After twenty-five plus years in the people business (HR) and running a national professional services firm, my education, street smarts and natural abilities have come home. 

Think of home by red door as that dependable friend who has a knack for creating beautiful spaces and simplifying life by keeping organized.  We are a partner in fun and a team player who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves.  

The foundation of the business is transition work.  A family home to empty nesters, upsizing or downsizing, or aging parents moving to a smaller space.  Transition work combines decor, organizing and the psychological know-how to create an empathetic and safe space for successful transformations. 

home by red door is here to help by finding the aesthetic and solutions that make sense for you or your loved one’s lives.  Let us bring beauty and sanity to your home with our custom décor, organizing and transition services