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Rustic Industrial vs. Modern Farmhouse.  Traditional vs. Transitional.  What the heck is a larder? 

You could spend hours watching HGTV and wading through Pinterest and still not know what your style is, much less where to begin.  The truth is most of us don’t have the time, inclination or ability to figure it out on our own. 

home by red door is your partner and personal interior decorator.  We tap into your inner style and adapt it to the aesthetics of your space. Furnishings, paint, art, lighting and accessories are all part of the design to create the look that is right for you. 


It isn’t a fad; it’s sanity via simplification. 

home by red door works to help simplify your life by organizing it.  

There is no one right way, but rather the way that works for you and you’ll be able to maintain.  We identify the solutions to fit your needs, so don’t worry, we won’t make you fold your underwear a certain way! 

A room.  A home.  A life.  We will tackle it all with you – or for you. 


“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape” ~ Ancient proverb – or perhaps something in my fortune cookie. 

home by red door specializes in transitions, because it requires intense focus and an empathetic ear.  Typically, at a transition stage, you don’t have the time to truly focus on managing big changes without sacrificing something else. 

We work with empty nesters torn between keeping the unicorn motif or designing a workout room; aging parents who are downsizing but don’t want to let go of the four sets of china and two weed eaters; and the newly minted VP who needs to upgrade his/her pad. 

Transition work requires help – or a mimosa – or both.  Cheers to a new beginning! 

Virtual Services

Do you know what you want a space to look like and just need help making it a reality?   

home by red door can create a personalized plan to get the results you want. Whether it’s an organizing or décor project, we’ll do the research and develop a step-by-step plan, then you make it happen within your timeframe. 

It’s kinda like paint-by-numbers; it’s hard to screw up!

Workshops & Speaking

Need a “how to” workshop to add excitement to your association meeting or event? Or a seasoned speaker or moderator?

My past career involved speaking, facilitation and training for large audiences and in intimate settings.

I don’t do boring, so expect an interactive and engaging session (see testimonial below)!

Kathy’s “Rock Star Recruiting” session was certainly not a run of the mill session.  Kathy’s analogies to Van Halen and our own recruitment strategies really made one think.  Her passion for this was obvious and contributed to a fun, interesting session. Barbara Heim, Vice President – BG Group 

Sample of speaking/workshop topics – or let us customize your own:

  • Purge with Purpose
  • Organization Hacks
  • Staging Made Simple
  • Declutter in 5 Steps
  • Luxury Design on a Budget
  • Managing Transitions
  • Organizing Chaos
  • Closet Makeovers
  • Step Away From the Label Maker
  • Building a Business of Value
  • You Don’t Need 20 Plastic Cups
  • Motivating the Unmotivated