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5 Home Décor & Design Trends for 2022

As we head into a second year of more time spent in our homes, décor and interior design are more important than ever. I’m going to focus on five home décor and design trends that create value and impact. They include nature, dedicated activity rooms, flexible design, greens and blues, and well, patience. 

Focus on Outdoors 

Obviously if you’ve been on lock-down for the past two years, you’re not only going stir crazy but you’re craving the outdoors. Gatherings have moved outside, and the rusty wrought-iron table and uncomfortable chairs you got a deal on just won’t cut it.  

Backyard spaces are being transformed into well-designed and well-appointed extensions of our living rooms and kitchens. Attention needs to be paid to furniture, rugs, outdoor kitchens, landscaping and lighting – and how it all works together. 

Activity Rooms 

The hybrid work schedule is thankfully here to stay, which means more time spent at home and your ability to take care of your health along with your work. While there is still a need for multipurpose rooms, home décor and design trends point towards creating dedicated spaces for wellness. Exercise rooms, yoga and meditation areas, sport courts and indoor spas are all on the rise.  

In addition to health, creative spaces are also increasing, like home bars and wine cellars! I know my creativity soars after a glass or two of bubbly. Houzz searches for home theaters increased 190% year over year and art studios jumped 875%. 

Flexible Design 

Flexibility in room use and in furniture will continue to be a massive trend in 2022. While most don’t have the luxury of adding a casita or extra square footage on their existing home, you can be creative with what you have. Media rooms combined with home gyms. A home office within a master closet. Or a garage turned kid’s playroom and onsite storage unit.  

The sales of murphy beds and sleeper sofas rose last year in large part to client’s wanting flexible furniture options to transform spaces into multipurpose rooms. Nesting tables, poufs and swivel chairs are also in high demand for their flexibility. 

Color Trends

For 2022, colors of the year are trending in the green and blue families. The push towards outdoors, sustainability and more natural elements supports the green machine. Behr’s color is Breezeway, a soft hue of green that works great with lighter wood tones. Benjamin Moore chose October Mist, a serene shade of sage green. Then there’s Sherwin-Williams and Evergreen Fog, a subtle and soothing green. 

To complement the calming greens, there are punchier blues like anything cobalt, Sherwin-Williams Upward and a sure to be favorite, Blue Coal by Valspar for powder rooms with gold hardware. Pair blues with creams and tan for a great combination in rugs and fabric patterns, as well as paint. 


Probably the biggest home décor and design trend for 2022 is…patience. Guns N’ Roses perhaps said it best, 

“woman take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience” 

While you all now know what a supply chain does – or doesn’t do – that doesn’t make it any easier when your sofa takes 10 months to get to your new media room. But like all great things, tables, materials and interior decorators are worth the wait! Don’t settle on the wrong furniture or professional; just have a little patience. 

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