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A Bidet is an Essential Part of Home Décor

I recently broke my right arm. Again. I also broke my hand, severely sprained my right foot and have bruised ribs. This has led to many a-ha moments. One of which involves a bidet, which should be no surprise as I am right arm dominant. While you may not think this is going to be a blog about organizing or home décor, stick with me as it will become more evident as the paragraphs progress. 

And if it doesn’t, well then, I hope I make a few of you giggle. 

Let me break it down by the days of my recovery. 

Day 3:

I am home after surgery and have a nerve block that could paralyze an elephant. This means I have zero feeling in my right arm or hand. That said, one of the things I tell my clients about maintaining an organized home is that you should start your day by making your bed and clearing your nightstand. Every. Day. Including weekends, holidays, and those days you have a broken appendage. So, as my sweet husband tried to help me make our bed, I gave him a look to which he replied,” I know you’re thinking – I can make a bed better than you with one arm and one leg”. Which was true. And since then, I have happily made the bed each morning by myself. 

Day 5:

Lint brushes are bulls**t to begin with but try getting dog and cat hair off a black sweater with your non-dominant arm. So, the next time I am organizing your closet or a bathroom, don’t be surprised if I recommend donating every lint brush you own. 

Day 6:

It’s a big day as I can put deodorant on by myself! Although, I might leave the cap off for easier application in days to come. Take note when you are purchasing deodorant and make sure you always have one with an easy off top.  

Day 7:

I’m seriously considering buying fake eyelashes as applying mascara is a no go right now. I can do many things left-handed, but handling a wand full of chemicals that could blind me is not one of them. The amount of time I have spent researching said eyelashes is amazing. This leads me to think about organizing these eyelashes once they arrive. It seems even though they are tiny, they will take up a lot of valuable drawer space. So, it’s a real dilemma. Do I sacrifice looking like I’m alive to maintain my drawer space? 

Day 9:

Another perk of having an organized home is how easy it is to tell others where to find things. Bag clips? In the pantry, third shelf to the right, next to the plastic bags.  Soy sauce? In the refrigerator, top shelf, in the bin on the far left. Hummingbird feeder? In the kitchen island cabinet under the useful drawer. (My dad came to help and noticed we were not feeding the hummingbirds) (And yes, I call what some may say is their “junk” drawer my “useful” drawer, because there should be nothing in it that is considered “junk”). 

Day 10:

Perhaps one of the scariest things I’ve done is trimming my bangs with a broken right hand and arm that is still in a cast. And yes, the nerve block has worn off by now, but still. You know I was desperate. 

As I said, there were elements of organizing tips in this blog that I hope you found useful. And I do feel a bidet is an essential part of home décor. Or decorum. Or just extremely useful if you break an arm or heaven forbid, we have another World Health crisis that involves people hoarding toilet paper. I promise you will thank me. 

And for those of you new to my blogplease keep reading.  I’m normally not this crass.  It’s the painkillers writing!

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