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The Top 10 Organizing Products You Need Now

“What do I need to make this work?” and “Where did you get that?” are common questions for professional organizers. I love helpful lists, so here are the top ten organizing products you should own.

Note that I consider most of these products universal. In other words, don’t just use hyacinth baskets in the pantry! Consider this a list that can be used to organize just about any room in your house.

Hyacinth Baskets

There are many different options, and the ones I have are these awesome collapsible hyacinth baskets. I use three in my mudroom to hold pet toys, basketballs and volleyballs.  The other two are in my master bath to hold/hide back stock of TP.  They are the perfect size and would fit in my pantry as well.  If you don’t need all five, their ability to collapse means easy, flat storage.

Acrylic Turntables

Turntables, lazy susans, spinners….whatever you call them, just get them!  These are absolutely perfect for organizing just about everything.  I like all sizes, but the 11 inch acrylic ones are my favorite.  Use these in the corners of your pantry, under sinks, in the laundry, and even in your frig!

Shelf Dividers

I believe everyone should work retail at some point in their lives.  My stint was at The Gap in the Houston Galleria.  And while technically folding boards aren’t organizing products, I highly recommend you get/make one.  Once you’ve got perfectly folded sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, etc.  you must place them between shelf dividers. In no time you’ll feel like you’re walking into a high-end store vs. your closet!

3 Tier Spice Rack Organizers

Don’t let the name fool you.  These 3 tier spice rack organizers have many other uses than just holding your spices.  Put them in your pantry for cans, under a sink for cleaning supplies or in a bathroom for nail polish, lotions or vitamins.  Looking for ways to use vertical space? Use these and stack cans on cans in the pantry!

Shoe Stackers

These are life changers.  For those who love shoes, these are a no-brainer.  Shoe stackers allow you to increase your shoe collection!  Or, they can limit you to the number of stackers you have (boo).  Either way, you must get these! Adjustable, so good for flats or heels.  Men’s shoes fit…unless you are a basketball star.  They aren’t the organizing product for high-tops.

Acrylic Storage Organizers

Acrylic is my choice for a number of organizing products due to it’s versatility and clean look.  These storage organizers are truly universal.  They come in multiple sizes, and the 14.5 inch ones are perfect for most pantry and closet shelves.  You can also use these in the refrigerator or freezer.  I particularly like them for containing anything “boxed” in the pantry.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are another multi-use purchase.  I use these scoop wire baskets because they are easy to get things in and out of them.  Wire baskets are also fun to hunt for at antique shops or festivals as you’ll find different sizes and types of wire.  I found small chicken wire baskets that fit rows of granola bars perfectly!

Airtight Storage Containers

This set of 7 airtight containers is what I use for nuts and dried fruits to keep them fresh.  I like the larger containers which fit the bags of almonds from Costco.  There’s nothing worse than getting “almost” everything in your container!  You can also break the set up and store craft items, crayons and even pet vitamins.  Think outside the container!

Photo Organizer Cases

Full disclosure, I don’t use my photo organizer cases for photos.  I use mine for all the electronic wires and gadgets that seem to multiply if left alone in drawers. I also label the cases so I know which cable goes with each device, otherwise, it’s a crapshoot.  Photos, craft supplies, stickers, note cards and office supplies can all be neatly contained with these cases.

Galvanized Buckets

Bet these weren’t on your list.  I love galvanized buckets and these come with labels and a chalk marker! I use larger ones to hold chips and bagged items, medium size for toiletries and small for markers and colored pencils.  They also make great plant holders. These are another item to hunt for at vintage markets.

There you go – the top ten organizing products you need now.  By no means is this the end of my list-making, so hit me in the comments with your favorites.  Be sure to bookmark this blog so you can quickly get to this and future lists quickly when you think, “what do I need to make this work”?!?



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