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What is Everyone Organizing?

Some people theorize that in the midst of craziness, we crave order; hence the organizing trend.  Others believe we’ve been prisoners in our homes for so long that it’s only natural we start to find an outlet for creative energy.  Whatever...

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4 Ways to Freshen Up Tired Spaces

You know the feeling. The way a new outfit brightens your day.  A blowout before a date. The first night sleeping on newly washed sheets.  You are refreshed, excited and can take on anything!  The same type of euphoria is experienced when you purchase...

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What is Home?

Home.  House.  Casa.  Villa.  Abode. Your home has a specific character, no matter what you call it.  There is a history and a feel to a home.  It has a unique personality which can be highlighted by your décor choices.  But at the end of the day,...

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The Top 10 Organizing Products You Need Now

“What do I need to make this work?” and “Where did you get that?” are common questions for professional organizers. I love helpful lists, so here are the top ten organizing products you should own. Note that I consider most of these products universal....

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Favorite Organizing Hacks

Declutter. Tidy. Neat. Edit. These words have become rallying cries, especially with so much time spent locked up/down/sideways in our homes! So who else gets giddy about organizing hacks?!? As a professional organizer these terms are processes and...

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Want an Organized Home? Focus on These 3 Areas

When you consider renovating your home, you think about the areas that will increase the value of your property. This means the unused guest room is likely just fine as is! Just like home renovations, there are areas in your home that once organized,...

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6 Things to Toss This Spring 

Spring is upon us and with it, another opportunity to refresh! We’ve got new gardens and flowers outside, and inside, it’s all about cleaning and organizing. The last year has meant a shift in focus and a good percentage of time spent in our homes. ...

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My personal “WHY” for home by red door

Simon Sinek believes you should love your job, as do I.  He believes that, collectively, we should build a world where people are inspired to go to work.  A place where you feel fulfilled each day.  A place where you’re contributing to something bigger. ...

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