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My personal “WHY” for home by red door

Simon Sinek believes you should love your job, as do I.  He believes that, collectively, we should build a world where people are inspired to go to work.  A place where you feel fulfilled each day.  A place where you’re contributing to something bigger.  Where it’s more than money.  It’s a clear sense of purpose.

For 13+ years, I was focused on building a company that exhibited a clarity of purpose for myself and our employees.  That company was successful because we attracted people who believed in the same vision – about the work and about work-life.  And while that vision was never plastered on walls or t-shirts, it was imprinted on hearts and minds.  Our small company did big things because we allowed people to operate at their natural best.

I encouraged my team to talk to clients about their personal WHYs.  Why do you do what you do?  Why is it important to you? Why are you here?  I wanted them to bring their WHY to life!

As I embark on a new journey, it’s important for me to share my personal WHY for home by red door.

While Sinek’s work is known in leadership circles, it’s also applicable to individuals – and especially those of us who are called to create and build purpose for ourselves.

home by red door was always part of me.

The home I grew up in had a red door, hence the name of my new company.  It was behind that red door I experienced tranquility, love, fun and family. The door was unique – it was our family.  Creativity, discipline and consistency flourished in our home – elements of “how” you make a “WHY” come to life.

My childhood was built on love and imagination.  Those aspects were nurtured by my parents and allowed to develop in the simplest of ways: how I decorated my room; how I dressed; how I competed in traditionally boy-dominated sports; and how I collected frogs (more on that later…).

My personal WHY for home by red door comes down to this:

I believe in the joy of falling in love with where you live.

For anyone who has ever fallen in love, you get this.  The pure adulation of hope, desire, inspiration and living within, and surrounded by, love.  It’s like no other feeling.  When you walk into your house, your bedroom, your closet, your outdoor space – love is what you deserve to feel!  It’s comfort.  The sense of purpose in what you’ve built or envisioned.  It’s the warmth that hugs you when people are at ease and happy within your home.

I look forward to helping others fall in love with where they live. home by red door provides home organizing and décor services, inclusive of virtual offerings.

And the frog collection…well, you’ll have to keep visiting as that story is deserving of its own post!

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